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Affiliate Director

Mr. Menees, a Affiliate Director of Accumyn. He has more than 25 years of experience in the environment, energy, and natural resources field assessing the financial impact of issues in the context of litigation, bankruptcy, complex claims, transactions, risk management and business sustainability in a wide variety of industries. His practice focuses primarily on litigation support, including expert testimony, in damages, bankruptcy and other complex claims matters, and risk management consulting on a variety of issues, including financial reserves, change management, and business sustainability.
Mr. Menees serves as an expert witness and consultant to counsel on matters such as valuing assets and liabilities in environmental, bankruptcy, insurance coverage, and other complex claim disputes; allocating damages among disputing parties, competing claims and insurance policies; estimating potential future liabilities for trial or settlement risk evaluations; assessing the reasonableness of historic investigation and remediation costs; evaluating the impact of insurance coverage issues on claims for coverage; evaluating the necessity and scope of environmental response costs; and assessing the consistency of environmental response costs with the NCP.
As a risk management consultant, Mr. Menees advises clients on a range of issues, including developing reserves for contingent future liabilities, including potential remedial expenditures and asset retirement obligations; analyzing and valuing liabilities and assets in transactions; assessing liability management alternatives; valuing and structuring liability buyouts and indemnification agreements; evaluating business sustainability risks, including resource planning and utilization; performing comparative benchmark selection and analysis; and assessing risk management and organizational structure.
Mr. Menees’ clients include law firms as well as companies in the automotive, transportation, mining, basic materials, oil and gas, manufacturing, financial services, paper and lumber, chemicals and plastics, waste management, electric and gas utilities, electronics, publishing, defense, travel and tourism, and aerospace industries, among others.
Currently, Mr. Menees serves as an independent litigation, risk management and valuation consultant. Mr. Menees has advisory and mutual assistance agreements with several leading economic, financial and litigation consulting firms for project-specific expertise. Previously, Mr. Menees was a Principal with LECG, an international economic and financial expert services firm. Formerly, Mr. Menees was a Managing Consultant with PA Consulting Group, an international economic, management and technology consulting firm. Mr. Menees has also been a Principal with PHB Hagler Bailly (formerly Putnam, Hayes & Bartlett), an economics and management consulting firm, and Vice President and Hazardous Projects Manager of Environmental Audit, Inc., an environmental engineering and management consulting firm.

• Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biological Science from the California State University at Fullerton
• Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the California State University at Fullerton

Mr. Menees holds certificates in Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation and in Hazardous Materials Management from the University of California at Irvine