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Mr. Roca is an affiliate Director of Accumyn Consulting with over 28 years of experience in the insurance, steel, pharmaceutical and retail industries. He assists insurance companies, agents, accountants and other industry advisors, with agency management, claims consulting, underwriting practices, risk management, risk analysis, standard of care, and other technical assistance.

Mr. Roca has assisted numerous companies with transaction advisory services, developing and consolidating the franchise distribution channel, the structuring of transactions, valuation, and general insurance company and agency consultation. Mr. Roca also designs and consults with insurance companies and agencies regarding marketing programs and sales force management.

Mr. Roca began his insurance industry career as a risk management director for Skandia Colombia in 1996 and has held many positions in the industry since. His prior positions include Executive Director at Productos Hess, a pharmaceutical company; Financial Control and Chief Planning Officer at RSA Seguros Generales Mexico and RSA Generales Chile, respectively; and Director of Risk Management and Deputy Director of Marketing at Skandia Colombia and Chief Marketing and Sales officer and CFO/COO of Skandia Chile. Mr. Roca is also proud to have served as an officer in the National Army of Colombia.

In addition to serving as a director with Accumyn, Mr. Roca is an Administrative and Security Manager at a steel company, and a Shareholder at Roesfal SA, a security and risk consulting firm. Mr. Roca has held executive positions and has served on the Board of Directors at numerous companies in Mexico, Chile and Colombia.


  • Master of Business Administration, 2016, IEDE, Institute for Executive Development, Spain / Chile
  • Financial Planner Degree, 1999, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver, Canada
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, 1997, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia Bogotá, Colombia
  • Army Officer,1989, Escuela Militar de Cadetes “Jose Maria Cordoba”, Bogotá, Colombia