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Mr. Garrett has 15 years of experience in Financial Analysis, Project Development, and M&A management involving modeling and analyzing projects ranging from small power plants and pipelines to multi-billion dollar company acquisitions. During his tenure in the energy industry, he was responsible for developing a dispatch model, which was used to maximize the value of private power plants by selling excess capacity into the public power grid. While employed with Duke Energy Corporation, he served on the Corporate Valuation Committee where he reported directly to the CEO of Duke Energy North America.
Mr. Garrett entered the medical management arena in 2003 and has served physician practices in operational, administrative and consulting roles. He has worked with radiology practices throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico in developing physician productivity tools that compare individual metrics against over 300 currently served radiologists, as well as nationwide data collected via surveys. Mr. Garrett has also developed a Practice Valuation Model that uses the fee schedules, contracts and payer mix of a practice to give an accurate assessment of medical practices’ annual cash flow and overall net present value. Taking this one step further, Mr. Garrett created a Cash Flow Forecasting Model, which takes actual billed charge amounts for a practice and projects out the amount and timing of the future cash receipts. This model is currently being used by several of the largest radiology practices in Texas.

  • BBA from the University of Houston
  • Member of the MENSA Society