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Mr. Arnold is a computer programming and software design expert, assisting Accumyn’s clients by providing solutions to complex information technology challenges.  He has over 30 years of software design and development experience in computer programming, systems development, and network administration. He specializes in providing cost effective and timely solutions to “one of a kind” problems, but has also built a significant library of solutions for processing typical data sets for industries such as  healthcare, securities trading, energy, electronic equipment; seismic exploration, trucking, gaming operations, and litigation.

Mr. Arnold has developed countless applications including flow control measurement; seismic recording; telecommunications security and verification protocol; magnetic card reading; accounting systems; asset and equipment tracking; fuel control systems; well depletion, depreciation and amortization; drilling rights acquisition; geologic mapping; and gas production balancing.

Mr. Arnold has recently been engaged in the healthcare industry to assist hospitals with improvements in administration functions such as audit and compliance, denial management, purchasing, billing and collections.  He has developed proprietary software to help isolate areas requiring improvement.  He has designed and helped implement data processing tools that extract data and process bulk transaction corrections, avoiding the need for costly manual calculations.

Mr. Arnold also has significant experience providing litigation technology and e-discovery services  to clients, outside counsel, and experts.  In this regard, his technical services and solutions are designed to provide increased efficiency, reliability, and presentation.  Assignments include healthcare related analysis and bulk data management, toxic tort, bankruptcies, and commercial matters. Significant consulting services have included development and maintenance of client databases with records and property values and finalization of settlement calculations with court masters, ad litems and opposing counsel; resolution of a natural gas trading company’s bankruptcy with its trustee; development of software for a commercial litigation involving correlation of buy/sell and offset/derivative transactions between different data sets; development of a database of clients and produced documents for plaintiff firms in a large prescription drug lawsuit; and development of a document database and technical support for a defendant firm in a power plant purchase and operation matter.

Mr. Arnold received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Texas A&M University in 1976, where he also minored in geophysics.

  • Bachelor of Science,  Computer Science, Texas A&M University