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Mr. Walton is a consultant with Accumyn’s exploration and production consulting activities. He has more than 39 years of drilling experience with international and domestic operators as well as offshore drilling contractors.  His strengths include well site drilling and completion supervision, well planning, project management, rig management, logistics, engineering, contract preparation, negotiations and sales. During his career he managed projects with HDM / Noble Energy, ENI / Crescent, Azeri Drilling Company, ENSCO International Inc. and Arco Oil and Gas, providing him with exceptional prerequisites to professionally address almost any aspect of upstream oil and gas production.


Mr. Walton began his career as a project engineer in 1974 for Diamond M Company (now Diamond OFFSHORE) with head quarts in Houston, Texas.  Later he worked for ARCO, ENSCO PLT and finally consulted for Dominion, ENI, GFI, Noble Energy, GSPC and Azeri Drilling.


Mr. Walton holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Engineering  He is a certified WCS / MMS well control – drilling, completion and workover.


  • BA in Economics from Hampden Sydney College 1970
  • BS Ocean Engineering from Florida Atlantic University 1974
  • 20hrs towards MBA from Pepperdine University  1985
  • WCS / MMS well control – Drilling, Completion and Workover – Sept 2014