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One Size Fits All

Accumyn’s expert was the Project QA Director on a 3.5 billion dollar petrochemical complex being built in Indonesian. With overall responsibility for quality on the entire project, he was also responsible for the development and implementation of the Project Quality Plan applicable to all members of the consortium.

As the project involved eight organizational entities located around the world, the International Organization Standardization’s ISO 9001 International Standard was selected as the governing quality management system specification to be implemented throughout its lifecycle. Each consortium member maintained its own unique quality management system certified by a third party certification body / registrar, which included guidelines and functional procedures applicable to its normal operations. Special consideration, therefore, was needed to maintain the integrity of each consortium member’s quality management system at the corporate level while establishing a system of quality parameters to address unique contract requirements to the satisfaction of ISO 9001.

The Project Quality Plan prepared was accepted by all members of the consortium. The plan was composed of a base document consistent with the ISO Standard that outlined the quality objectives applicable to all of the consortium members whenever performing engineering and design, procurement, construction, mechanical completion, and commissioning and pre-commissioning activities. The plan was appended with a listing of each consortium member’s functional procedures necessary for the success completion of the project, which were controlled by the respective consortium member. Accumyn’s expert prepared appropriate functional procedures to address quality management system activities common to all consortium members such as quality auditing, which were endorsed by all interested parties.