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Litigation support in the drilling sector of the oil and gas industry

Accumyn Consulting was hired to provide drilling and safety management expertise for the legal team of a defendant in a case involving a personal injury claim arising from a drilling rig accident in Texas. Accumyn was asked to review documents related to the incident, and the plaintiff’s expert reports, and render opinions, including relevant oil and gas industry best practice for safety management and also concerning applicable OSHA regulations.

In the area of safety management, an expert report was written providing opinions that rebutted the plaintiff’s expert report. Mr. Threadgold’s report identified that the opposing expert had cited OSHA regulations that specifically did not apply to oil and gas well drilling operations.

With his extensive knowledge of industry guidance documents and best practice, Mr. Threadgold was able to identify numerous industry best practices that were not followed by the injured party’s employer, along with the employers own company procedures and policies. He also utilized a commonly used oil and gas industry accident causation concept called the “swiss cheese model” to help communicate the overall system failures and causes found. The case was eventually settled out of court.