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Falling Object Incident

Expert consulting services were provided to a Louisiana attorney in support of litigation involving alleged violations of OSHA Standards and standard construction practice by contractors managing construction of a high rise office building in Shreveport.  The falling object case involved a ten foot 4×4 formwork support striking an employee at ground level after being jarred loose from an upper floor under construction.

After review of case documents an Accumyn director identified issues with the classification of the incident in the contractor’s First Report of Injury or Illness and provided input for production requests, including OSHA Forms 300, 300A – Logs of Work-related Injuries and Illnesses, and OSHA Form 301 – Injury and Illness Incident Report required by law to be maintained by involved contractors.  A letter report addressed OSHA’s standard construction practice requirements relevant to falling object incidents, including netting, toe plates and handrail; the insurance Experience Modification Rates (EMR’s) for each of the contractors on the project; and OSHA’s citation policy for multi-employer sites, part of CPL 2.103, OSHA’s Field Inspection Manual in effect at the time of the incident.