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Authoritative Valuation of Successful Haute Couture Fashion Company

Accumyn’s team of economists and valuation professionals valued a successful haute couture fashion company. A start-up designer teamed up with a pair of Houston-based investors and fashion industry experts to secure funding. In the first year, sales to retail stores reached seven figures.   However, as soon as orders for the second season were booked, the designer no longer wanted the involvement of her Houston partners. The designer backed away from her commitments to them, cutting off further involvement and breaking away to form a separate company that continues to flourish, with worldwide sales of eight figures.

On behalf of the Houston partners, who wished to realize the full value of their ownership interest, Accumyn prepared a detailed valuation analysis of the original company, as of the time the designer broke away. Using a Fair Value standard, the amount that compensates an owner involuntarily deprived of property, and presuming that the company had gone forward with the involvement of the Houston partners as intended, Accumyn reached a conclusion on the value of the company, under both an income approach and a market approach.