Case Studies

Calculating Economic Impact for a Region after a Massive Earthquake Event

Howard led the technical and economic analysis in building a model calculating the overall economic impact for the Puget Sound region after an earthquake and subsequent redevelopment.  The project was funded by the Department of Homeland Security and required working with four area ports, as well as the larger community of public and private entities, eventually totalizing 250+ participants.  Howard worked directly with the financial and operating leaders across the ports, collecting and integrating the data into an overall regional data model.  The visual analytical model allowed participants to try out different what-if scenarios and was used in an all-day facilitated session.  Port-level metrics allowed decision-makers to see the impact of recovery options.  In addition, the analysis included impact to jobs, taxes, and other shared regional metrics.

s a result of the work and the successful session, the ports are working closer with business and government entities (US Coast Guard, FEMA, Washington Department of State) as well as reviewing MOUs they have with each other.

Valuation of an Enterprise Software Company’s Products

Howard calculated valuation and related calculations for an enterprise software company in support of securing investments.  Adjustments from emerging trends and technologies (such as cloud services and competitive/complimentary products) as well as joint venture opportunities were incorporated into valuations.  Howard researched comparable valuations, made adjustments to multiples, modeled existing and expected contracts, and incorporated internal operations considerations to adjust valuations.

Valuing Intellectual Property for a large Oilfield Services Client

Howard led the evaluation of a market potential study for an oilfield services company who had developed a much superior technology than what their suppliers had been providing.  The analysis included other customers in oilfield services as well as non-energy industries, competing products, and potential manufacturing and distribution channels.  Howard

Howard makes contact directly with potential partners on behalf of the confidential client, and eventually assisted in brokering a face-to-face meeting with companies’ leadership and facilitated the discussion of arrangement terms.  The investigations also included working with lawyers (IP, tax, contracts) and EHS (environmental, health, and safety) professionals.