Case Studies

Valuation of a Luxury Long-Range Executive Aircraft

Provided expert deposition testimony and prepared expert report on the fair market value of a large business jet aircraft.  Valuation analysis of the aircraft involved detailed review of completion work performed on the aircraft, its maintenance and operating records, and an analysis of the functionality of the cabin management system (“CMS”). Valuation was based on cost and market approaches and relied mainly on the analysis of sale transactions involving similarly luxury aircraft with and without deficiencies observed in the subject aircraft.

Loss Value of a Small Transportation Aircraft

Prepared expert report on the subject of diminution of value of a small transport category aircraft. Analysis involved the impact of improper engine maintenance on the value of the aircraft. Detailed analysis of the aircraft and its available record showed that the engine change did not result in any value loss of the aircraft.   Analysis showed that the aircraft had suffered damages not disclosed in the marketing material and had an incomplete and poor record that would indicate a diminution of the aircraft value not related to the engine change.

Performance Requirement Research for Business and Commercial Aircraft

Assisted a large corporation to identify four mid-size jets that would meet the client’s transportation requirements.   Requirements included range, payload capability, and seating.

Provided fair market value on the aircraft selected by the client, and advised client on the initial offer-to-purchase.

Lost Revenue due to Sub-Standard Luxury Aircraft

Accumyn’s expert valued a buyer’s damages incurred due to receipt of a sub-standard luxury aircraft that was repeatedly delayed and when finally delivered by the seller, did not meet the buyer’s expectations. The seller failed to remedy the mistakes in a timely manner and the buyer relied upon the seller’s representation that the aircraft was being made to the buyer’s expectation and therefore did not exercise their right to terminate the purchase agreement. The expert’s damage analysis had to include pre-judgment interest rate calculations and lost revenue analysis due to the fact that the aircraft could not be chartered in its sub-standard condition.