Case Studies

Trinidad ARO Study & Audit Response

Accumyn Affiliated performed a complete cost analysis of the asset retirement obligation (ARO) for a production company in Trinidad within three weeks to meet an urgent audit deadline. This analysis included offshore, onshore, and midstream assets. Also, Mr. Hunger supported that work through a week-long audit by a big four audit firm.

Burned Out Platform Removal


Aberdeen, Scotland platform was likely struck by lightning during a hurricane. It was like walking on the surface of the moon afterwards. The metal had been heated extremely and then likely crystallized by the rapid cooling. We could not perform a standard lift.

Mr. Hunger used 3D imaging in this case and obtained a perfect fit up between the VB 10,000 lift barge and our platform, which had been highly distorted by the fire.  Accumyn affiliate removed this disaster without a single bandage or leak.



Coiled Tubing Loss Investigation

The lost 13,500 ft of coiled tubing in a high value 15,500 ft high pressure well.  Accumyn affiliated launched an investigation immediately. We ultimately discovered an operational error that in combination with a maintenance error and an equipment design flaw which had led to the loss of the coiled tubing. Accumyn Affiliated promptly presented the findings inside our company and also voluntarily to the industry through the SPE ICOTA group to prevent future mishaps of a similar nature

Resolution of Crane vs. Casing Jack Use for Tubular Removal in Offshore Wells

The federal Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) was considering forbidding the use of cranes to remove tubing or casing from offshore wells. They were considering requiring casing jacks for all such work.

This would have slowed down the process and increased costs tremendously for the typical Gulf of Mexico rigless P&A process. I assembled a small team of industry experts and presented a one page table documenting existing best practices in the industry to BSEE. This educational meeting ended this effort by BSEE to increase regulation.