Depth. Breadth. Integration. Accumyn Consulting is an independent, Houston-based consulting firm providing authoritative studies, strategic advisory services, and independent testimony for private and public sector industries, government agencies, and law firms. Accumyn Consulting’s highly credentialed and seasoned experts include Certified Public Accountants, Valuation Specialists, Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Financial Forensics Professionals, Economists, Professional Engineers, Certified Computer Examiners, Attorneys and Litigation Technology Specialists.


Clear Presentation of Facts. Our services include forensic analysis of financial records, funds tracing and financial fraud analysis; damages and lost profit calculations; economic and statistical studies; valuation analysis, fair market value opinions, and solvency analysis; bank consulting, corporate finance and transactional advisory services; financial rescue and business turnaround; construction claims consulting, capital project management, refinery and petrochemical operations and technical consulting; digital forensics, e-discovery, and complex litigation management. Our experts have extensive experience working in Big Four accounting firms and other international consulting organizations, and executive experience in their specific industry.

Accumyn’s services include researching and analysis of relevant GAAS, GAAP and PCAOB standards, financial, economic, industry and market data; the formulation of discovery requests and responses, and deposition questions. We develop expert opinions and present our findings in affidavits and reports. We review and comment on opposing expert opinions and analysis. During the discovery phase, we help our clients analyze key issues by finding relevant documentation and uncovering critical information. During interrogatories and depositions, we assist with areas of inquiry and formulating technical questions.


Our work is fact intensive. We review historical business records in detail. We prepare analysis and formulate conclusions in compliance with industry and professional standards. We replicate analysis of other specialists or experts and test their findings against industry and professional standards. Our work often requires attention to specific industry issues, as well as an understanding of the relationship of general economic conditions and forecasts. We employ a multi-disciplinary approach, utilizing our expertise in accounting, financial, economic, valuation, engineering and information technology, and with our industry insights we ensure the most comprehensive analysis and conclusions. Professional certifications and registrations held by our consultants include accounting (CPA); business valuation (ABV, CVA, ASA); real estate valuation (MAI, CRE); fraud examination (CFE); financial forensics (CFF); juris doctorate (JD); computer forensics (CCE); professional engineering (PE); and state certified general contracting. We also adhere to the code of ethics of the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA). Learn more about these certifications by clicking here. (Add links to AICPA, NACVA, ASA, ACFE, MAI, CRE, FEWA and CCE websites and write one or two sentences about each certification including when it was established and number of members.)


Answers to Complex Problems. Accumyn is fully committed to the highest quality deliverables resulting from total responsiveness to engagement requirements and attention to detail. We take pride in our value-add approach and clear presentation of our findings based on recognized methodologies and creative ideas.